Is Brenda Coming Back To Gh 2022

Is Brenda Barrett Coming Back to General Hospital 2022?

Fans of General Hospital may be wondering what will become of their beloved characters. Rumors swirl that gh is planning to bring back a character they thought was dead: Chloe Lanier as Nelle for an extended appearance on the show.

Vanessa Marcil has been an important character in GH’s storyline since its inception and fans have been eagerly waiting for her return ever since. In April 2013, Vanessa Marcil abruptly ended her contract with ABC soap opera after 22 years – yet recently appeared on social media to give fans some good news!

Are you eager to see Brenda Barrett again?

As many fans know, she was Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) first love. However, after his betrayal she began feeling depressed and even paranoid; worrying that she might be having a mental breakdown which eventually led her to institutionalization.

Once she was in treatment, she realized Jax Jacks (Kelly Monaco) was her true love and decided to tie the knot.

After some years of living together, they got married and started a family. Unfortunately, their union was tested when an explosion caused by mob-connected violence claimed the lives of Sonny’s wife Lily (Genie Francis) and their unborn child.

At this point, Sonny and Brenda shared a goodbye kiss without realizing Carly had witnessed it. This hurt both of them deeply and caused them to begin doubting their relationship.

However, when she heard of Sonny’s betrayal, she made the difficult decision to leave Port Charles and move forward with her life. Though this decision wasn’t easy as she still loved Sonny deeply, it was the right thing for her at that time.

What follows next may come as a shock to both of them, but Sonny does acknowledge his feelings for Brenda are still strong. As a husband and lover, he strives to do right by her while simultaneously knowing that any hurt caused may hurt both her and their son.

He decides to depart the city, but will he return for her in the future?

If Sonny does return for Brenda, they’ll have to start over from square one. Together, they must work to free her from jail and into his arms once again.

However, if Sonny gets close to Nina (Karlai White), it could be difficult for him to part with her. They could become so close that it triggers some of Sonny’s memories and sends him back into a mental institution.

Fans of the show believe that if Sonny and Nina end up together, it will be a major coup for the show and possibly help boost its ratings. However, there have been other rumors suggesting Sonny may be in jeopardy.

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