I’m Going In French

How to Say “I’m Going in French”

As with anything new, learning a foreign language may present challenges. Sometimes you might misunderstand something or have trouble remembering how to say something – don’t give up and keep trying; soon enough you will notice improvement!

If you’re learning French, it is wise to immerse yourself as fully as possible before embarking on your trip. Doing this will enable you to become fluent faster while better comprehending how native speakers use the language.

Practise speaking French with family and friends before embarking on your trip, even if that means just discussing everyday matters. Doing this will make learning French easier while traveling and help build up confidence when communicating with locals.

Listening to French music may help get you accustomed to hearing its sound while at the same time helping to enjoy learning it! Immersion language learning programs may also provide a more natural setting in which to acquire this new language.

Listening to an audiobook when learning French will allow you to gain exposure to real-life dialogue and vocabulary – especially helpful if you’re in situations such as public transportation or restaurants where speaking out loud is not allowed.

Do your research before traveling – reading will provide a deeper understanding of local culture and customs and will allow you to avoid any faux pas that could lessen the enjoyment of visiting new countries.

As part of your French studies, it will also be essential that you master how to ask questions in French. This ability will enable you to move freely around the country while making the most of your time there.

If you’re dining at a cafe, cafeteria, or restaurant and wish to order from their menu, say le menu and la carte in French in order to place an order.

This French phrase, meaning “how are you?” and politely asking someone to step aside in public spaces like streets and trains, will likely pop up multiple times per day.

“Excusez-moi”, which translates to “excuse me”, can also be an appropriate response when talking to strangers on the street or busy areas.

Do not be shy to introduce yourself and ask to speak to a waiter/person responsible for serving you when out and about in France, whether that be at a restaurant or street vendor. Doing this will enable you to discuss food while receiving service that will meet your needs while abroad.

As a rule of thumb when traveling in France, be friendly and speak slowly – this will enable you to engage more fully with locals, creating a better experience on your trip!

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