Iliza Shlesinger Before Surgery

Iliza Shlesinger on Netflix

Iliza is an award-winning comedian known for her six Netflix specials (War Paint, Freezing Hot, Elder Millennial, Unveiled and Confirmed Kills), several movies, Girl Logic book and fan-favorite podcast Ask Iliza Anything. She regularly sells out theaters around the globe with devoted audiences who support her work.

She recently shared the news that she and Noah Galuten, whom she met via an app in 2016, are expecting their second child together and posted a funny video mocking extravagant gender reveal parties.

In her show, she discusses her relationship with her partner as the basis of all of her humor. Additionally, she makes it a point to mention their shared Jewishness and how they celebrate all holidays together.

Shlesinger embraces her religious beliefs while remaining humoristic about both herself and other people. Additionally, she doesn’t shy away from discussing her sexual experiences while remaining sensitive and non-offensive.

She strives to keep her material relevant by drawing upon current events and trends, such as making references to women who shave their armpits or pluck their eyebrows in order to meet male standards; not the first person to make this observation but she successfully delivered it in such a way that had the audience cheering along. Furthermore, she’s an impressive physical comedian; using her body as an instrument of humor such as jumping or kicking and using the mic stand as a phallic prop – while reading and responding to audiences is among her strongest qualities.

Shlesinger frequently addresses in her show the absurdities of certain gender and sexuality regulations, for instance why only men can shave their legs while women cannot. Furthermore, it’s laughable how many people become obsessed with having an unrealistically perfect body and spend their lives striving to attain unrealistically perfect bodies.

This show is not meant to be overtly sexist, but does explore gender stereotypes heavily. Some early jokes involve women getting married and having babies – an issue which seems to put off many audience members.

Shlesinger is energetic and entertaining, as is evidenced by her audience reaction. But some of her comedy bits don’t work quite as intended (such as her pharmacy witch), while longer bits like those involving her drag on too long (such as those featuring her pharmacy witch). While Shlesinger may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she certainly has much talent and should definitely be given a watch, particularly those interested in off-color comedy.

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