Ian Schinelli Net Worth

Ian Schinelli Net Worth

Among the many celebrities, Ian Schinelli is one that is famous and has a high net worth. This article will provide you with some information about his career, age and Wiki.


During January, Jana Kramer and Ian Schinelli revealed their relationship on Instagram. After a long and secret romance, the couple finally made their relationship public. Many people on social media congratulated the couple on their new relationship.

As for the age of Ian Schinelli, he is about to turn 37 years old in 2022. He is an American citizen. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a fitness trainer and actor. He earned a degree from a private university in America. He is also a former Navy Seal. He has a daughter.

During his career, he has worked with Gartner for eight months. He also starred in the film The Last Stand. Ian is also a fan of hand-cooked food. He has numerous tattoos. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Whether you are a fan of One Tree Hill, a country music singer or a fitness trainer, you have probably heard about Jana Rae Kramer and Ian Schinelli. They made their relationship public in January this year. Now they are separated. However, they still share a daughter.

Ian Schinelli is a former navy SEAL. He also worked in private equity. He was raised in the United States. He graduated from Naperville Central High School in 2004. He went on to do his graduate studies at a private university in America.

Schinelli and Kramer have two children. However, it is unknown if the two share custody of the children. The former couple were married for six years. However, they separated in April 2021.

Kramer is best known for her role as Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill. She also had a relationship with NFL player Ricky Schinelli.


Having been married for six years, Jana Kramer has decided to date another man. Ian Schinelli is the new boyfriend of Kramer. Ian is a former Navy SEAL and fitness trainer who is now based in Nashville. He has not yet revealed his net worth.

Ian Schinelli is an American citizen. He served in the US Navy for 10 years. He graduated from Naperville Central High School in 2004. He also attended a private university in America. He has not yet disclosed his parents’ names.

Ian Schinelli also has a daughter. He lives with his family in America. He previously lived in Chicago and San Diego. He is also a fan of CrossFit training. He also loves the hand-cooked food of his mother. He is also a proud father.


Despite being a fitness trainer, Ian Schinelli has not revealed much about his personal life. His career is based on his passion for physical fitness. He started working in New York after completing his education. He is currently a full-time fitness trainer. In addition to his career, he has a daughter.

Ian Schinelli was born in Nashville, America. He has American and Irish ancestry. He completed his education at a private university in America. He has also been a Navy SEAL.

Ian Schinelli was married once. He and Jana were a great couple, but they eventually split. They separated in June 2011. After that, he took custody of his daughter. Ian and Jana met through a mutual friend. They began dating in October 2021. They kept their relationship private for a while. But eventually made their relationship public.

Relationship with Jana Kramer

During Jana Kramer’s and Ian Schinelli’s relationship, they kept things low-key. However, things have changed and they have confirmed their split. Their relationship began when they met in October 2021. Kramer and Schinelli have two children.

Schinelli said he did not cheat on Jana and that he tried his best to make the relationship last. However, things got to a point where he could not take it anymore.

After their relationship ended, Schinelli said that Jana Kramer was manipulative and made him feel bad about his actions. He also claimed that she manipulated him into thinking he was going to move in with her when he was only one month into the relationship. He also said that she was a toxic person.

Schinelli said he did his best to remain quiet, but he was forced to speak up because he read inaccurate statements. He said that he felt vulnerable, and wanted to speak up.

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