I Have No Daddy Kid Today

What to Say to a Kid Who Says, “I Have No Daddy Kid Today”

What should you say to a child who says, “i have no daddy kid today?”

As a mom, you understand this can be an upsetting topic for children to discuss with you. But if you must answer them, make sure it’s done with love and consideration.

Before anything else, it’s your job to ensure your child understands that they are not responsible for the absence of their father. They may feel as if they have something to blame, but in reality, their behavior and choices had absolutely no bearing on it whatsoever.

Next, you’ll want to explain that other dads in their lives love and support them. These could be grandfathers, uncles, friends or other individuals who have stepped in to fill the void in their lives.

Finally, discussing the positive memories you have of your children’s father can be beneficial. Doing so helps them remember him and create a mental image in their mind of who their dad is as an individual.

Stock Answers

In order to avoid getting caught up in your own feelings of anger or fear when answering your child’s questions about their absent father, it’s wise to write out some pre-written stock answers that you can use when the time comes. Additionally, have some nice things to say about him so that you don’t come off as judgmental when answering their queries.

Eventually, your child will understand that you aren’t lying and be able to generate their own reasons why their dad isn’t present. While this transition may be challenging for them, it will ultimately benefit their emotional wellbeing in the long run.

Your role as a parent is to assist your child in adapting to their new circumstance. You can do this by developing their emotional resilience.

If your child is feeling sad about not having their father around, help them create a list of all the things they have to be thankful for. That way, they can focus on those positives instead of dwelling on the fact that their dad isn’t there.

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