How To Pronounce Declared

How to Pronounce Declared

Pronunciation of Declared

Declare is often used to indicate a government official, but it can also be used informally to signify personal accomplishment or success. For instance, you might need to declare your winning score in sports or prove that you purchased some taxable goods while abroad; you might even be asked if there are any items to declare when applying for your passport or filing tax returns.

Pronunciation of the Word “declare”

To pronounce ‘declare’, place it in front of your mouth and press your jaw forward hard while smacking your lips together with the back of your tongue. This produces a strong airflow into your throat and mouth as well as an open and spacious palate.

Pronunciation of the various “declare” words

Although no single ‘declare’ word is as commonplace as ‘declare,’ there are some that tend to be more frequently used than others. For instance, British English tends to use it more often than American English does, though Australian English rarely encounters it.

Top Tip: Use the Oxford Collocations Dictionary to determine which words work best in context and how they might sound together. You can access this feature both on their website and within the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app.

This app is free to download and can be used on any compatible device, such as the iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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