How Tall Was Steve Lawrence

How Tall Was Steve Lawrence?

Steve Lawrence was born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York City. After attending Thomas Jefferson High School he enlisted in the Army Band and Orchestra where he performed vocally as a vocalist. Following his discharge he launched his career in entertainment through television programs, night clubs and Broadway. Over six decades he amassed many hits that earned him awards and recognitions from fans around the globe.

Lawrence achieved great success during the early 1950s with songs like “Go Away Little Girl,” “Pretty Blue Eyes” and “Footsteps.” His style was distinguished by its laidback delivery and warm voice; additionally he enjoyed a successful working relationship with singer Eydie Gorme who also contributed many hit singles during their musical collaborations.

Though Lawrence was marginalized by the British Invasion of the Beatles, he continued making records and performing onstage and nightclubs. On CBS he hosted his own variety show called “The Steve Lawrence Show”, also appearing as guest stars on shows like Danny Kaye Show, Judy Garland Show, Julie Andrews Show and Flip Wilson Show over five decades. Lawrence’s television career spans five decades!

Lawrence may have had average height and weight, although details on these attributes are unavailable to the public due to Lawrence’s preference to keep his personal life private; he has been married twice with children from each relationship.

Lawrence made numerous film and TV appearances during the 1980s, such as playing a policeman in “Last Exit to Brooklyn” and providing voice for an animated cat in “Toy Story 2.” Additionally, he appeared as a guest star on shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, Family Matters, and Murder She Wrote.

Lawrence was raised by both parents, Max (cantor at Beth Sholom Tomchei Harav in Brooklyn) and Helen (still living and an avid collector of art and antiquities). Both died within nine years of each other at an age of 86 years old respectively. This couple have two daughters – one a journalist and the other an actress. Daisy the dog joins them on vacations as well as owning their impressive collection of classic cars owned by their daughter. Car collection estimated at $2 Million This estate covers more than 10 acres. It includes a pool and tennis court for family use. Surrounded by trees, the property has been meticulously cared for; inside, tasteful modern and traditional furniture have been used to decorate its interior spaces.

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