How Old Is Lyle Lovett’s Wife April Kimble

How Old Is Lyle Lovett’s Wife, April Kimble?

Lyle Lovett, an American singer-songwriter, actor, songwriter, and record producer is married to April Kimble, an award-winning film producer who rose to fame as his celebrity spouse. Now celebrating over 25 years together as husband and wife duo they boast a significant age difference that sometimes becomes controversial in media reports; together they also share twin children.

How Old Is Lyle Lovett’s Wife April Kimble?

According to IMDB, April Kimble is an American film and music producer who has worked on such movies as Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best and Seven Days in Utopia as well as numerous short films like Jess + Moss, It’s Not Big It’s Large and Muertas.

Kimble hails from San Antonio and studied at Texas A&M University where she met her future spouse, John Lovett. Known for having an unwavering commitment to family life and an outstanding work ethic, they now share a farm in East Texas where their three children can grow up together. Furthermore, Lovett has written numerous books.

Lovett began his musical career in 1980 as a singer-songwriter. Since then he has become one of the premier entertainers, his music combining folk, country, and Americana styles into one seamless sound. Since then he has won four Grammy awards as well as being honored with numerous other achievements – most recently playing Waylon Gates on CBS’ Blue Bloods show!

What Is Lyle Lovett’s Wife April Kimble’s Height?

April Kimble stands at 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs approximately 117 pounds. With an alluring figure and stunning brown eyes, April boasts one of the most desirable looks among Lyle Lovett’s wives.

April is an incredible mother to her twin children and extremely dedicated wife to her husband, raising them together on an East Texas family farm that has been passed down through generations. Together they’ve been married over twenty-five years and share an unbreakable bond.

Kimble has an estimated net worth of $25 Million. As a film and music producer, she generates most of her income from media-based industries like film/TV production companies such as Robert Altman’s The Conversation or Jerry Bruckheimer’s Total Recall. Kimble and her husband own homes in Klein Texas as well as near Houston on a ranch; one incident with a bull did not impede either career or family life despite an injury from being run over. Their two daughters Ella and Will are their pride and greatest joy; in an old interview she described them as her prideful prideful. Additionally, she enjoys gardening, reading books about animals or doing volunteer works along side them while doing volunteer work together with them both.

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