How Old Is Loren Ridinger

How Old Is Loren Ridinger?

Loren Ridinger is an internet mogul known for her outstanding business achievements over two decades in eCommerce and beauty space. She co-founded Market America direct sales company as well as website selling makeup and other beauty products. Furthermore, Loren created Motives cosmetic line as well as solution-oriented personal care line Fixx as well as Loren Jewels jewelry collection – each of which have had a lasting effect in beauty industry and eCommerce space.

As of mid-2016, she estimated her net worth to be $10 Million. She owns multiple luxury homes across Miami Beach, New York City and North Carolina’s mountains as well as a pair of multi-million dollar yachts for traveling purposes.

She was born in Queens, New York on November 21, 1968 of mixed racial descent and is an ardent Christian.

Loren has an athletic physique with slim and curvy curves. Her height stands at 5 feet 6 inches, and she currently weighs approximately 60 kg. She boasts dark brown eyes and dark hair for added contrast.

How does Loren Ridinger identify? According to astrologers, Loren was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. She is an esteemed entrepreneur who co-founded Market America in Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband JR Ridinger.

She and JR Ridinger have been happily married for more than 30 years and share an enchanting connection and strong bond, raising Amber Ridinger as well as three grandchildren together.

His wife is a businesswoman who is engaged in numerous charitable efforts that benefit others. She possesses an affinity for helping those less fortunate, often co-chairing charity events alongside Eva Longoria.

Who Is Loren Ridinger Dating? While her relationships with Market America co-founders have been public knowledge, Loren has not shared details about her romantic life in public. There have been speculations online suggesting she may be dating other individuals;

What is Loren Ridinger’s net worth? She reportedly estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of over 10 Million as of late 2016. She owns multiple luxury properties in Miami Beach, Florida as well as two yachts. In addition, she owns a penthouse in New York City and house in Puerto Rico.

What is Loren Ridinger like?

She is a hard-working and ambitious individual who always strives to do better in business. She was honored by Forbes magazine as one of their Top 100 Women, while Business Leader magazine named her one of its Top 50 Entrepreneurs both 2009 and 2010.

What is Loren Ridinger’s relationship with her children? Amber Ridinger, Loren’s daughter, is also an entrepreneur. She recently created DNA Miracles – a line of body and wellness products specifically tailored towards infants, children and pregnant mothers – as well as recently joining forces with Flat Out of Heels Fashion company to design its shoe line.

What is Loren Ridinger’s Natal Chart? She was born in 1968 under the sign of Scorpio. A well-known entrepreneur and co-founder of Market America direct sales company in Greensboro, North Carolina; as well as being a member of American Business Women Association where she served as National President for its Women’s Division.

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