Hollywood Escort

The Hollywood Escort

The term “Hollywood escort” is used to describe anyone who provides a service to Hollywood elite. The profession is not uncommon in Hollywood and is very profitable. It can also refer to the services provided to movie stars and other notable people. The term has several different meanings in the world of entertainment, from the purely recreational to the highly-serious.

An escort is someone who provides sexual services to celebrities. A Hollywood escort is a man who offers their services for a fee. The first one was Bowers, a former GI from Illinois who served in the Pacific Theater and was stationed at Iwo Jima. After the war, he moved to Los Angeles. While working at a train station, he was introduced to the sex industry. He was paid $20 for sex and soon began arranging liaisons for movie stars. He also set up a queen-size bed in a trailer at the Richfield station.

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