Hitman Holla And Cinnamon Close Friends

Hitman Holla’s Intimate Video With Cinnamon Goes Viral on Social Media

Hitman Holla has made headlines today due to a viral video featuring himself and Cinnamon that has gone viral online. Many are surprised at seeing such intimate content; yet why did he upload it?

He and Cinnamon had planned to mark their five year anniversary by sharing videos with close friends only. Unfortunately, one of his close friends recorded the video and uploaded it online; unfortunately it has since gone viral.

As a result, Hitman and Cinnamon have received lots of love from fans and friends, particularly through Instagram posts by Hitman asking his followers to send positive energy and prayers her way after she was shot during a home break-in on October 12th 2021 and hospitalized shortly afterward – though she appears to be on her way back soon enough.

Cinnamon is an Instagram influencer-turned-entrepreneur with over 250,000 followers on Instagram alone. She owns her own online shopping and retail store called CINNY as well as running Cinny’s Food catering company – her Instagram bio describes her as being in the process of opening a new food joint!

She and Hitman are fundraising together to open a restaurant in Atlanta this January, raising over $60k so far. In order to reach their goal, they are asking supporters of both individuals to donate towards this effort.

Cinnamon and Hitman also intend to open an online casino, in addition to opening a restaurant. Furthermore, they are working on a music project; previous collaborations include music videos and short films featuring Cinnamon as the star. Their goal is to release this latest project by Christmas with plans of featuring Cinnamon with celebrity friends in it.

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