Heater Body Suit Alternative

How to Use a Heater Body Suit As an Alternative to Traditional Hunting Bodysuits

When hunting in colder climates, many hunters opt for insulated body suits. These are designed to trap heat from your body and keep you cozy while sitting on a stand or blind; however, they may be difficult to use properly.

To begin, insert your boots into the Insulated Booties that come with each Heater Body Suit. Doing this ensures your feet remain protected and extra-warm as you walk to your treestand or blind.

Once you put on the suit, you’ll notice its elastic straps criss-crossing over your chest. These help keep the suit from falling to your knees while also allowing it to move naturally while walking.

Once inside the suit, it may take some getting used to, but once you become comfortable using it, you won’t want to go without! Plus, once you learn how to use it properly, all those extra layers of clothing will melt away as you get cozy in no time!

On your hunt, you can remove the sleeves and place them on your arms; however, always ensure to use a safety harness. This will protect you in case of an accidental fall from a treestand and any injuries sustained.

Be mindful when placing your hands inside the suit’s arm slots; otherwise, they could become stuck and cause you to lose grip on your bow or weapon. To prevent this, try wearing gloves with your Heater Body Suit in order to keep your hands warm and free of insulation.

The Heater Body Suit is an ideal alternative to traditional hunting bodysuits, as it allows your hands to remain free for drawing your bow or other gear. It’s lightweight, silent, and incredibly warm.

Hunters who prefer shooting from their stands or blinds, or those seeking a quieter way to access their shooting spots, will find this product ideal. Additionally, it’s ideal for hunters who spend extended time on the stand or blind.

A Blizzard Buddy features two zippers designed to free your arms for drawing a bow or other gear, while the Heater Body Suit only has one. Thanks to its soft polyester fabric and full-sleeve design that eliminates zipper noise, it is the quietest garment among the two garments.

Both jackets come in several colors and make ideal choices for winter and spring hunting. Both are waterproof and insulated to provide warmth during those colder months.

The Heater Body Suit has a more compact shape than its larger counterpart, the IWOM XT, meaning you’ll have less bulk to move around in when walking from stand to stand or while wearing blindfolds. Plus, it comes at an attractive price point and is made in America!

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