Heart Shaped Platter With Lid

Heart Shaped Platter With Lid

No matter your culinary expertise or experience level, serving food in a safe and clean manner is key. This heart-shaped platter with lid can do exactly that without breaking your budget or leaving a mess behind in the kitchen. Its small size makes it ideal for holding smaller plates or side dishes or even microwaving sauces for warming up in the microwave!

Be sure to make this dish a hit at any event, from dinner parties to bridal showers. The clear acrylic lid keeps your delicious morsels fresh and protected from spills or bumps. With capacity for up to 20 servings of your favorite foods, the dish is sure to please everyone in attendance.

For The Best: Durable Packaging 9701V Heart Shaped Cake Pan

A heart shaped baking pan is the ideal way to add some romance and delight customers alike. Crafted out of aluminum, this baking platform makes for delicious cakes, brownies and other desserts sure to wow guests! Plus its sturdy construction makes it ideal for bakeries who want to skip cutting, shaping and scraping their products!

For The Best: Durable Packaging 97811 Optimist Float Glass Bottle

A sparkling wine float is an ideal option for a romantic dinner, but sometimes it’s difficult to have the correct liquid at the right time. This clear acrylic glass bottle provides the ideal solution: your favourite drink won’t leak or get too warm to drink, making it the ideal gift for any special occasion – from weddings to birthdays – with its small size making it perfect addition to any bar cart or table top display.

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