He Lied About His Height

Raymundo Raymundo – The Man Who Lied About His Height

When Isiah Thomas first went to the NBA Draft, he lied about his height. It was the dominant way of thinking in the league at the time, but the situation didn’t end well for the Hall of Famer. Eventually, however, Thomas made amends for his lies and joined the NBA.

Men are taught to appear tall to attract women. If they are too short, society does not take them seriously. It’s a sure turn-off. Besides, the discrepancy in height will be immediately evident during the first meeting. In order to make up for this, you need to analyze your own motives.

In the end, it seems that women care less about men’s heights than about their character. However, this does not mean that the physical attributes are irrelevant. In the case of Raymundo, he lied about his height for about six months before the marriage. During this period, he wore cowboy boots to date Laura, and she commented on his height when she saw him without shoes.

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