Have Khloe And Scott Sleep Together

Have Khloe and Scott Sleep Together?

If you are a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, chances are you are familiar with honorary family member Scott Disick. Scott is father to Kourtney Kardashian’s three children and frequently seen hanging out with both family members as well as Khloe Kardashian whom he appears particularly close with, sharing an informal yet flirtatious relationship which has led many fans to speculate whether Khloe and Scott may be more than friends.

Khloe hosted a barbecue for her mom, sisters, and kids at her home and discussed her ex-partner Tristan Thompson and how he recently cheated on her with Kylie Jenner’s partner Travis Barker. Khloe noted how special their bond was as the two would often make flirty jokes back and forth and seemed close.

But while they share an extremely close bond, it is evident that their sexual relationship is far from blissful. Scott is said to have even cheated on Kourtney with Kylie before telling his friend about hooking up with Khloe multiple times; an incident which was likely recorded for their reality show prior to New Year’s.

Recently, however, things between Khloe and Scott seem to be heating up rapidly. Khloe has posted many photos with Scott who she considers her brother; these posts show their close and special bond; one picture in particular caused many commenters to speculate as to whether or not the two may be secretly engaging romantically; Khloe posted it alongside an adorable birthday message for Scott that led many commenters to assume that these two may be dating or at least more than friends.

Khloe and Scott have always been close, but this closeness has caused confusion for some who thought they were more than friends. Their strong, unbreakable bond is evidenced through flirty jokes they share together as well as standing up for each other against Instagram trolling.

At first glance, this relationship between Khloe and Scott appears to be loving and friendly; both consider each other more than family. Khloe has experienced much over the past years while always being there for her family, especially Scott. While nothing should worry anyone, fans appreciate seeing such positive interactions on KUWTK; it seems likely this friendship will never end! We look forward to watching how their story develops further next season of KUWTK!

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