Hannah And Louis Southern Charm Savannah

Southern Charm Savannah Season 2 Spoilers

Bravo’s popular Southern Charm franchise expands its scope to Savannah, Georgia in this series that follows a group of heiresses and socialites as they navigate their legacies, love lives, and personal relationships. Eclectic fashion designer Ashley Borders, entrepreneur Louis Oswald, legal marketer Daniel Eichholz, southern belle Catherine Cooper and her longtime boyfriend Lyle Mackenzie make up this cast despite it being its inaugural spinoff – their popularity rivaling that of Charleston!

The series debuts Monday, July 16 at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo, after filming of its second season began a few weeks prior. Although no cast members have officially been announced yet, rumors indicate some original cast members may return along with some fresh faces joining Savannah’s scene.

Hannah Pearson is currently facing many responsibilities, from starting her own clothing line to working on her book and managing her relationship with Louis. Hannah worries that Louis is neglecting her in favor of JL The Brand; however, Louis insists otherwise.

Hannah decided to take a vacation without him in order to bring focus back onto their relationship and is hoping this time together will allow them to rebuild it. They plan on spending it at their family’s rice plantation which boasts breathtaking river and forest views and offers accommodation within an historic home that has been fully restored back to its former glory – as Hannah describes it.

On their trip, Louis and Hannah seem to be making progress in their relationship. He’s been able to focus on his work instead of being distracted by Hannah as often. Even more promisingly, they’ve begun talking about marriage; although Hannah still isn’t convinced they’re ready yet.

Hannah is concerned about Catherine. She believes Catherine is trying to become one of the boys and Hannah has tried convincing her that what they’re doing is okay, but Catherine won’t listen. Hannah keeps trying convincing Catherine but nothing works.

Hagood counsels Hannah that, if she wants a serious relationship with Louis, then she must act accordingly. According to Hagood’s advice, Southern women are expected to be halfway down the aisle by 30 and that if Louis doesn’t commit, then they should stop wasting their time together. Hannah doesn’t take Hagood’s advice too well but continues expressing her affections on social media for him.

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