Halloween Costumes For Midgets

Easy Halloween Costumes For Midgets

Halloween costumes for midgets are an excellent way to stand out during your trick-or-treating adventures and get some laughs from the neighborhood kids. There are lots of fun options for adults and even kids, whether you want to recreate a pop culture reference or go all out with something easy-to-DIY.

Spotted Lantern Fly

Looking for an easy, budget-friendly costume that’s sure to turn heads at your next trick-or-treating party? Check out this ladybug-turned-spotted lantern fly. Made with cardboard, spray paint and a headband, it’s sure to turn heads at any Halloween gathering!

Lauren Conrad and the crew put this costume together for a recent SNL skit, but we think it would look just as cute on a young midget with animal ears and an adorable festive hat. Best of all? This look is so easy to put together that chances are you already have all of the components needed in your closet!

Happy Dwarf

If your kiddo loves Disney movies and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, they’re sure to adore this cuddly, simple costume! Featuring a light blue knit shirt with an adorable little hood, this costume will guarantee smiles all night long.

Pizza Rat

Are you searching for a classic costume that’s sure to delight your fellow guests, consider dressing up as Pizza Rat from the Disney film of the same name. All that is necessary for this simple yet memorable ensemble is just a T-shirt and black pants.

Miss Frizzle

Dress up as Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus this Halloween for an easy costume idea! Simply don a pink blazer and pants, add red glasses, and top off with a white bow – and voila! You’re ready to teach!

Stranger Things

The hit Netflix series has provided us with plenty of costume inspiration. Choose a season from the show and transform yourself into Eleven, Robin, Dustin, Steve or one of the other characters – just remember to bring along your favorite season-themed wig and some old blue jeans from your best friend – and you’re guaranteed an awesome time!

Jordan Peele has the unique ability to turn even the most banal elements of popular culture into something frightening, so channel your inner air dancer with this easy costume inspired by Nope! All you need is a yellow T-shirt and some blue jeans; then just grab some vibrant balloons and go crazy!


If you’re a fan of Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Powerline” from her upcoming album Sour, this costume is perfect. All that’s required is a plaid skirt and pink top, plus some stickers to decorate your face!

This straightforward Halloween costume is ideal for little girls and takes only minutes to craft, so there’s no excuse not to give it a go. Plus, this group costume works great if you have the time and some friends – so create your own Powerline-themed superhero gang and have some fun!

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