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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Gets a Round of Applause For Surviving a Home Invasion

Duggan has had a storied career in WWE, but also suffered through prostate cancer. As of August 2018, the 68-year-old was on the road to recovery after undergoing 39 radiation treatments over eight weeks.

Recent home invasion in Kershaw, South Carolina presented Duggan with an interesting challenge; however he rose to the occasion. According to WCIV, the incident lasted just under half an hour and local sheriff’s officers provided timely response. It seemed like Duggan and an intruder were hunting for money; Duggan posted Facebook Live video footage showing his alertness and readiness on guard.

In the end, no injuries were reported and all was well. Hopefully this incident serves as a warning to those who might have considered breaking into a South Carolina mansion. Regardless, let us give Hacksaw a round of applause for his heroic deed!

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