Gust D. Davis Jr.

Prophet Dr Gust D Davis Jr

The late Prophet Dr. Gust D. Davis, Jr. was a well-known spiritual leader and activist for blacks. He was married to the late Prophetess Afeni Shakur and divorced in 2000. He has two children, Wayne and Thomas. His niece, Afeni Shakur, is also related to Davis. Davis was a Christian and believed in the power prayer had on him.

Although Tupac Shakur was deceased over twenty years ago, his estate still continues to grow and accrue wealth. According to reports, he has made arrangements for his mother’s $16,000 monthly salary from his estate. His mother Afeni became coexecutor of Tupac Shakur’s estate, estimated at $8-10 million in 1997. Davis also had a vast library of unreleased material.

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