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Gus Smyrnios – A Floribama Shore Regular

Those familiar with MTV reality show Floribama Shore may recognize Gus Smyrnios from its cast. His personality stands out, as he loves partying and is a regular presence.

Gus is known for his outgoing, cheerful personality; yet despite this he can also be quite private. Neither one to get involved in arguments, nor confrontational situations; his motto is simply: ‘Live and let live.”

Florida native William Smyrnios was born in Ft. Myers but has lived in Perry since he was seven. His parents, Gus and Kristin Smyrnios, also share two sisters and a younger brother; all four live within close proximity.

His grandmother is Greek and although he doesn’t speak the language himself, he enjoys traveling abroad. Cabo and Dominican Republic are among his preferred vacation spots.

He holds a degree in Criminal Justice, but also engages in side hustles that help him generate sufficient income.

As an example, he works as both a personal trainer and brand ambassador for Fit Strong Supplements. Furthermore, he models for romance novel covers where his appearance truly stands out.

He’s sold more than 40 book covers!

Gus is seen modeling for romance novels on Floribama Shore’s latest episode and likely receiving an impressive salary for it!

He came into this career by chance and without an immediate plan or vision for it; yet within one year of starting up this profession he had sold over 40 books!

He’s accomplished quite a lot, and the only reason he didn’t pursue this more actively was due to all of the drama on the show – but that won’t stop him! He won’t give up this chance anytime soon!

Gus possesses tremendous talent and has much further to go in his dance career. He is an exceptional dancer with plenty of charisma in front of the camera.

He may still need help working through some aspects of his past; for instance, being kicked out of home as a young child and how that affected him is something that resonates strongly with him.

Additionally, he had some difficulties with his parents; specifically his mother telling him not to pursue modeling because it would be too “embarrassing.”

He’s found a niche that both fulfils him and gives him an income stream: cover modeling for romance novels – something his Instagram bio proudly showcases as part of this endeavor.

He’s made some amazing friends along the way and enjoys hanging out with them. Additionally, he has provided his services for charitable causes – making him such an enjoyable companion.

While his personality may have caused tension with his roommates on the show, it’s obvious he has many positive qualities which distinguish him as a person – kindness, sweetness and having an infectious sense of humor all come to mind!

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