Great Mouse Detective Remake

The Great Mouse Detective Remake

There are many projects with Sherlock Holmes. This includes the third movie starring Robert Downey Jr. that has been in development hell for more than a decade. Fans have also been waiting for a fifth season of the hit TV show, so it would be nice to see another Holmes story. A remake of the original movie is possible, although it was originally made in 1986. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch could star in the project as the Basil of Baker Street.

The Great Mouse Detective was released at a unique point in Disney’s history. It was released three years prior to The Little Mermaid and marked the introduction of a new medium for Disney. It featured computer graphics, which was a new technology that was only recently introduced to mainstream entertainment. Disney was eager to embrace this new technology and the film featured both computer animation and traditional animation. Although the film didn’t make it to the top, it was one of the most popular Disney animated movies.

Although the plot of The Great Mouse Detective may not be as complex as Arthur Conan Doyle’s, it is still interesting to watch. The movie moves along at a fast pace, and has many twists and red herrings. The plot is based around the investigation of Basil, who is investigating the disappearance of Olivia’s father. His investigation eventually reunites him with Professor Ratigan, and the film culminates in an exciting showdown in the Big Ben clocktower.

It doesn’t matter what style the film is, it is crucial to capture the friendship between Holmes & Watson. Every Sherlock Holmes story has a buddy dynamic, and The Great Mouse Detective remake stays true to this. Although they may not always get along as Holmes and Watson, Dawson and Basil are still friends. If a film is remade as a television series, it will need to recast its characters in order to be successful.

The Great Mouse Detective had a production budget of $14 million and has already earned over $38 million in domestic sales. Although it didn’t open as Disney’s live-action films, it is expected to be a commercial success. It is worth seeing, even though it had a disappointing premiere. This remake is so successful for a few reasons. It has been a hit with Disney and other studios, but it doesn’t have the star power of the original.

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