Giuliana Marie Angle

Giuliana Marie Angle

Giuliana Marie Angle, the youngest daughter of Kurt Angle und Giulanna Yannotti is a student in Class Six at a Florida high-school. Giuliana is incredibly beautiful and smart. She has also been known to be funny, kind, and awesome. The actress currently lives in Florida with her family. Kurt Angle is her father and an Olympic gold medalist. He is also married to Giovanna Yannotti.

Giuliana is an avid fan of nature, especially the sea. She loves to travel. Kurt and she have been on many trips to parks, hotels, motels, and other locations around the globe. She loves the beach. Her father is very proud of her. Their three children are their greatest joy. Giuliana and Kurt have been together for six years. While her father is a family man and likes to spend time with his children, the two are also friends.

The two met in 2001 when Giuliana was just a toddler. She showed an interest in wrestling when she was two. Giuliana was two years old when her dad shared a video. The couple married in July 2012, and in December 2012, they welcomed their second child, Sophia Laine Angle. Now, the young couple has three children together. Giuliana und Kurt are very proud of their daughters.

Kurt Angle is a father of five children, two of whom are twins. His oldest child, Krya, is 14 years old. She accompanied her father at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in March. She is a wrestling fan and has her own YouTube channel called RealKyraMarie. It has over 10,000 views. The other child, Kody, is ten years old. He is a wrestler and loves to watch wrestling.

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