George Michael Freedom Uncut Film Showtimes

George Michael Freedom Uncut Film Showtimes

George Michael was one of the most beloved artists of the ’80s, and his legacy lives on through generations. To commemorate him, a new documentary chronicles his life and career.

George Michael Freedom Uncut is set for release this summer and it’s a must-see for any fan of the British singer. Narrated by George Michael himself and featuring archive material, the film looks back at his remarkable musical journey.

In December 2016, the singer tragically passed away, but not before he had been heavily involved with the making of this documentary he co-directed and narrated. It will be released worldwide on Wednesday, June 22nd 2022 and give viewers an intimate look into the life of this iconic star.

This documentary isn’t a brand-new film, but it does feel like the director’s cut of an earlier version that aired on Channel 4 in October 2017. The director – who worked closely with the late singer before his passing – cut up the original to fit onto television; however, in this new version some of that footage has been restored – though with approximately 25 minutes less than in the original.

George Michael Freedom Uncut is a well-crafted documentary that offers an insightful view on the artist, offering viewers an inspiring portrait of someone whose ambition often led him astray. Despite its shortcomings, George Michael Freedom Uncut remains an engaging tribute to both talent and icon that should be watched by all fans of George Michael.

The documentary contains some wonderful moments, particularly the interviews from various points in his career that reveal his mental health issues. He discusses battling imposter syndrome from constantly comparing himself to ’80s stars like Madonna and Prince, as well as sharing how he dealt with his fear of AIDS.

Another remarkable segment includes home video footage of Michael and Anselmo Feleppa, who tragically passed away from AIDS complications in 1993. Filmed by a friend of Michael’s but previously unreleased, the clip depicts him as an vulnerable young man and adds another layer to his story.

Vox Pops’ music is quite good, punctuated by snippets from George’s Wham! years, but they feel a bit random. James Corden and Ricky Gervais contribute vocals as well; Tracey Emin adds an undercooked piece which could use some polish.

Michael Jackson’s 1990s are summarized in five minutes, yet its depth makes it far more effective than one might expect. Additionally, there’s some shocking home video footage featuring him with his first girlfriend as well as an insightful discussion regarding the meaning behind his 1996 album ‘Older’ which was inspired by her passing.

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