Funny Snow Shoveling Pictures

Funny Snow Shoving Pictures

As soon as snow hits, Facebook becomes inundated with posts voicing either their enthusiasm for or dislike of shoveling. While most would rather avoid the heavy lifting altogether, we must remember that shoveling isn’t always straightforward and some individuals may be more adept than others at performing it. That’s what makes these hilarious snow shoveling pictures such great reminders: they show just how challenging shoveling can be!

At times, the gods of shoveling appear to lend you a helping hand; other times however, as this man discovered, all it takes is one miscalculation and an unstable ladder for all hell to break loose in the snow.

The children decided with their parents’ assistance to construct a snowman. They were proud of their creation which features a carrot nose, buttons, scarf and hat as well as pipe with an outstretched smile and pipe pipe for its pipe organ.

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