Francine Amormino

What We Know About Francine Amormino

Francine Amormino is an American actress and singer. She rose to fame after marrying Tony Orlando. Although her private life has been kept secret, we do know some things about her. She is a mother of one daughter, Jenny Rose. She was born in New York and is currently living in Branson, Missouri. Continue reading to learn more about her. Listed below are some of her most notable roles.

Francine Amormino was a low-profile person before meeting Tony Orlando. She was an actress and singer, and had a long career in the music industry. Her first marriage to Jerry Lee Lewis was fraught with scandals that were both embarrassing and humiliating. Although she had to accept a more private life and a lower profile, her love for Tony Orlando grew stronger over the years. Francine Amormino and Tony Orlando’s marriage lasted 60 years.

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