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Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Halloween is fast approaching, and now is the time to think about your ideal costume for this night of horrors. While costumes can be expensive, there are also plenty of DIY options you can create on a budget – from easy fox costumes for children to adorable no sew teddy bear ears, we have all the ideas needed to put together an impressive last-minute costume that is sure to leave an impressionful impression!

Cardboard Fox Costume For Kids provides an easy, no-sew solution! A great project to complete with your children, it only takes an hour from start to finish and can be worn year after year as it is sturdy yet adorable!

DIY costume ideas like this Alice in Wonderland-inspired Alice Costume can be great fun. What makes this costume particularly impressive is that it doesn’t require sewing or complicated materials — instead you can craft it entirely out of paper and cardboard! For added drama, add layers to the paper collar using long paper triangles; pair this ensemble with black dress clothing and red heart lips, and get ready for trick or treating!

No matter if it’s just you or a group of your closest friends, these Halloween costumes will surely wow this year – and best of all they are made entirely out of items you probably already own in your closet! Dress as your favorite pop star by throwing on a black hoodie with comfy Lululemon leggings; channel Julia Fox from Vanity Fair by donning an eye-catching maxi dress; or create the most fabulous villain ever by opting for this Maleficent Costume!

If your child loves Dora the Explorer, they will love dressing up as Swiper the Fox this Halloween! This mischievous character often sneaks around the show stealing things but the preschool audience always manages to catch him eventually! Plus, making this costume requires only minimal supplies!

To create this adorable fox hat, print our pattern at 100% of its actual size and cut out all pieces. Turn right side out, turning over along its curved edge of front hat and sewing along it allowing 1/4” seam allowance on either side. Add Cheeks by stitching them directly to face at top curved edge; and attach Nose by glueing and securing yarn to front of hat.

If you’re in search of an unsettling yet adorable Halloween costume, the Black Cat Costume could be just the ticket! An effortless way to show your sassy side while adding extra pizzazz (add a tiara for even more sparkle!) don’t forget the bow and paw prints as final touches for that final touch!

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