Forever Winter Jeff Lang

The “Forever Winter” Song by Taylor Swift and Its Video Companion Jeff Lang

The “Forever Winter” song by Taylor Swift was a moderate hit on the Billboard Hot 100, and its accompanying video is certainly worth a look. Aside from the obvious lyrics about love and loss, this song is actually about something else – frustration with complicated loved ones. As such, it is a tad more interesting than most pop songs. Interestingly, Swift has not yet officially endorsed the track, though it has been confirmed that she wrote the lyrics herself. It was released through Republic Records on 12 November 2021.

The “Forever Winter” song by Taylor has been around for years, but was not included on the original release. This was mostly because of the beef between Swift and her record label, Big Machine Records. Indeed, the track is one of the best examples of the Taylor Swift oeuvre. There are plenty of rumors about her and the track’s genesis, but it seems like Taylor was influenced by the likes of Jimmy Page and Elvis Presley to write her own songs. In addition to the title track, Taylor also co-wrote “You Belong With Me” with Liz Rose. One rumor suggests that Jeff Lang was a co-writer as well, but no concrete proof has been found.

It’s not a coincidence that the “Forever Winter” track and its video counterpart made it onto the same album. While the track’s main theme is a reimagined version of a hit from the past, it still has a hefty swag bag of Taylor twang. The video is a bit on the long side, but it’s an entertaining watch, and the accompanying lyrics are no less spirited.

While it’s not the prettiest or most polished of the tracks on the same label, it’s no slouch. As such, fans of the “Forever Winter” are still buzzing about it a year after its release. Not to mention, a whole lot of money has been poured into the track since its release. At the time of writing, the track is not available for streaming or downloads, but it’s already being earmarked as a future album. Regardless, fans of Taylor’s music can expect to hear more of it in the future, as the singer and her record label continue to churn out hits at a pace.

“Forever Winter” by Taylor Swift is the big one in the song department. Although it’s a good song, fans are hoping that Swift will finally take the hint and move on to something more exciting. If not, they may just be left with one of her less than enviable back catalogues. But, they may not have to wait that long. She’s got plenty more hits on the way, and with her unceasing touring schedule, they should be in for a treat.

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