Fish Tank Kings Heather Full Name

Heather King and Wayde King Are Divorcing

Heath and Wayde King, who have been together since 1991, are going through a divorce. She filed for divorce on March 8 but it hasn’t been finalized yet according to TMZ. Heath wants primary custody of their two children as well as an award that equals 25 percent of her husband’s annual income in child support payments and spousal support payments.

At their Las Vegas home during an argument, Wayde hit her husband twice in the stomach while he hung out of their vehicle’s window, according to TMZ. Police arrived and discovered redness on Wayde’s right side when they arrived at her residence; she later admitted slapping him but denied dragging him in her car as she drove away.

On Wednesday morning, Animal Planet star Heather King was arrested for alleged “misdemeanor domestic violence,” according to TMZ. This comes days after rumor spread that Animal Planet may have cancelled its popular series after 15 seasons due to internal conflicts between her and husband Wayde King.

On her Instagram account, she wrote: “Wayde is not the one for me – he is the one for my kids.” Additionally, she shared photos of herself and her daughter to express how stuck in a rut she felt and to find someone new.

People magazine reported that she was fed up with arguments with her husband of 21 years and ready for a change. After 21 years together, the couple is looking to make changes in their union.

Her lawyer recently reported that she has been receiving therapy to address her PTSD and anxiety during the divorce proceedings. When the divorce is finalized, TMZ reports, she hopes to keep her name.

In the meantime, her children will need some time to adjust to their new father. She hopes they can grow up knowing he is an incredible dad and loves them deeply.

Wayde is renowned for his fish tanks, which he creates both for celebrities and everyday people alike. Through Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, he has created aquariums for some of the world’s most renowned individuals.

He is passionate about his hobby and even built a tank to honor his favorite baseball team. It seems that his passion and business are perfectly aligned.

His clients appreciate his work too; he’s built aquariums for celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Tracy Morgan, and Kiss to name a few.

His Las Vegas-based company, owned and operated by his brother Brett Raymer and sister Heather, has become their family’s business. Both have worked for him since he started it in 2003; now they have two children together.

His business venture has been a great success, and he’s built an iconic brand that earned him millions of dollars from customers around the world. When not running his enterprise, he enjoys spending quality time with his children and wife.

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