Evvie Mckinney Net Worth

Evvie McKinney Net Worth – How Much is Evelyn McKinney Worth?

Despite her lack of public appearances, singer Evvie McKinney is one of the most successful pop stars in the world. She has had an extensive music career, and her net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. She has won two Grammy awards, and has been named by Forbes as the number one pop singer in the world.


Despite the growing decline in interest in organized religion in the U.S., 23-year-old pop star Evvie McKinney remains grounded in her faith. And she’s doing it in a style all her own. In an interview with Billboard, McKinney talked about her faith and how she’s putting it to good use in her songs.

McKinney was born into a musically inclined family. Her father played piano, and her mother was a classically trained cellist. She grew up attending church in Memphis, Tennessee. In her early childhood, she sang in front of an audience and developed her own style. The singer is also married to Everett Anderson. They have an unborn child. They announced the pregnancy in December 2020.

Early life

Throughout her life, Evelyn McKinney has been a part of many mission projects and was also a teacher. She served as a librarian at Jonesboro public schools for more than 35 years and was also involved in the Gideons International and Delta Kappa Gamma. In addition to her many contributions to the community, she also enjoyed traveling with her husband Joe.

In the late ’40s, Evelyn McKinney sang with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Their duets were aired on commercial releases from Columbia and Tiffany Transcriptions. She also traveled to perform at musical festivals across the United States.

She also worked with her husband Joe in building a successful business. In fact, she had been a stay-at-home mom for her sons Scott and Dawn until they were ready to go to school. She also worked as a librarian at Harrisburg public schools for over 35 years.


Despite her success, Evvie McKinney prefers to maintain a modest lifestyle. She has a family, and hopes to spread her faith to people from all backgrounds. She is also set to release her debut EP on February 26th.

Evvie McKinney is a singer, who has won a number of competitions. She was one of the winners of the first season of The Four: Battle for Stardom in 2018. She is a member of the band Gedeon Luke. She has performed in churches throughout the United States, and has also toured the country. She is also a songwriter, and has been training to be a solo artist.

Music career

Whether or not she’s in the sexy set or the family friendly variety, Evvie McKinney is a rock star. She’s been named to the A-team and rumored to be the next Lady Gaga. That’s a tall order, but she’s got what it takes to keep the wolves at bay. In the biz world she’s a woman after her name, and if you’ve been in Memphis you’ve probably seen her on a frequent basis. She’s a pop star in her own right. Those lucky enough to catch her will be rewarded with the best gizmo in town. Somehow she’s managed to snag herself an A-team and an enviable swag bag in the process.

Relationship with her brother

Despite being a talented singer, Evvie McKinney has had a hard time in life. She lost her father a few years back and has also endured personal heartbreak. Nevertheless, she is a strong Christian R&B singer, and is set to make a mark in the music industry.

Evvie McKinney was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father, Tony McKinney, was a gospel singer. She also studied at Stax Music Academy. Afterwards, she worked for Motown Gospel/Capitol CMG. Eventually, Evvie was signed to an exclusive recording agreement. She was also the winner of The Four: Battle for Stardom.

Evvie is currently married to actor Everett Anderson. She and Everett met in Memphis. Everett also has an acting career and has starred in The Stix and Unconditional. They have one child together.


Known for her musical talent and soulful voice, Evvie McKinney has been known to perform on several television shows. Her musical career began at a young age, when she began singing at the age of three. She has made a lot of money in her primary career as a Pop Singer.

In January of this year, McKinney won the first season of The Four. In addition to her win on The Four, Evvie also won a recording contract with Republic Records. She is also set to co-host the pre-telecast show of the Stellar Awards in 2020.

In addition to her career, Evvie also has a family. She has two siblings. Her father, Tony McKinney, is a blues singer and gospel singer.

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