Erika Jayne Costume Ideas

Real Housewives – Erika Jayne Costume Ideas For Halloween

Fans of Real Housewives know Erika Jayne is all about glamour; she always looks breathtakingly chic and is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable members of RHOBH. Therefore, many fans want to dress as her for Halloween.

As there are so many Erika Jayne costume ideas to choose from, picking out your perfect costume shouldn’t be hard. Erika’s iconically seductive style can easily be mimicked with the right outfit; simply wear black lace bodysuit to pull off her signature leggy look or go for more of a punk feel with faux leather jacket and studded boots for a unique spin on Erika Jayne!

If you want to go all-out, try recreating Erika Jayne with her signature blonde locks and huge pigtails – just add white thigh-high boots and headphones around your neck for added effect! Erika was sure to turn heads wherever she went in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Lisa Rinna made waves during a recent RHOBH episode when she dressed up as Erika for Halloween – and even Erika appreciated how accurate Rinna was with the look! On Instagram Stories, Rinna proudly announced “Lisa Rinna WON Halloween!!” She posted photos of herself dressed up as Erika as proof.

RHOBH star Brandi Glanville donned massive pigtails, a pink and blue costume, and white thigh-high heels that perfectly mimicked her friend – and we weren’t surprised that she won the best costume award at this year’s bash!

Real Housewife Lisa Rinna made headlines this past Halloween for donning Erika Jayne’s attire and looking so similar that Erika herself had to give Rinna some props on social media! Rinna looked so convincing as Erika that Erika even posted about it!

Rinna donned an extravagant costume featuring massive blonde pigtail wigs with bright blue color scheme, white thigh-high boots, a pair of headphones, glittery pink lips and blue contacts – and her makeup was stunning as always!

Erika accessorized her outfit with a long silver chain necklace and earrings reading “$100,” possibly her only words that come close.

Lisa had her glam squad looking perfect as well, with full face makeup featuring a smoky eye and bold lip pout. But what really caught our eye were Lisa’s oversized sunglasses – they add the perfect finishing touch to this Erika Jayne costume.

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