Eric Dossantos Wingsuit

Wingsuit Pilot Eric Dossantos Crash Lands in Chamonix, France

Wingsuit expert Eric Dossantos just recently filmed himself flying over Chamonix, France, in a wingsuit. The footage shows him going between tall trees and a group of rocks at over 90mph. YouTube uploaded the heart-stopping video.

While flying in the wingsuit, Dossantos hit a tree eight inches in diameter. The crash was caught on the camera attached to the pilot’s helmet. He suffered a broken bone and lacerations from the crash. To help pay his medical bills, he has set up a GoFundMe account. He also acknowledges that the crash was a close call.

The crash was so high and so fast that Dossantos ended up with multiple fractures and head trauma. Rescue workers rescued him after he landed on the forest floor three hours later. This footage was captured on his helmet camera and is a remarkable testament to the power and versatility of a wingsuit.

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