Eminem Dr Phil

Is Eminem Haley’s Father?

Eminem is making the rounds on Dr. Phil, and one of his latest guests is the teenage girl who thinks he’s her dad. She believes Eminem is her father, and she wants him to prove it. So she gives him a picture of her and says she has proof. But Dr. Phil is in the way.

The teen says that Eminem is her father, and she is 9 months pregnant. She also has an ultrasound to prove it. During the interview, Dr. Phil asks the teen about her relationship with Eminem. Haley explains why she thinks he is her father, and shows him the ultrasound.

She also says that she has a picture of Eminem. She claims to be Eminem’s daughter, but she claims to be paranoid and schizophrenic. Despite this, she believes Dr. Phil is her real father. She’s also upset because Eminem didn’t reveal her real identity on his show.

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