Elvis Presley Coloring Page

Elvis Presley Coloring Page

Elvis Presley was one of the most recognized musicians of his era and an icon within the music world. You have probably seen him multiple times on TV or even perhaps had the pleasure of witnessing one of his live concerts!

You can use this coloring page to give this very renowned singer the most beautiful look and make him enter the stage to sing a song! Coloring this character will develop their creativity, focus, motor skills, color recognition skills and motor control. This coloring page can help your children unlock their creativity, focus, motor skills and color identification capabilities!

Elvis became fascinated with black American music as a youth in Memphis where he resided – specifically music from impoverished black communities in the South that were forbidden to him as a white boy growing up. These communities provided him with an outlet to experience it first hand.

He spent much of his free time listening to black music, which gave him great pleasure. Not only was he fond of its sounds but he was also fascinated by its culture and all its traditions.

Early in his life, Elvis became close with numerous black musicians. He would frequently visit their homes to listen to their music and hang out; sometimes these visits even led to friendships being formed between the musicians involved and him.

An image of them together shows clearly that these two friends had lots of fun together and were close.

Elvis was known for being kind and polite throughout his career. He showed great respect to both his parents and friends while also being extremely generous with his money by making donations that supported charity causes that benefitted the less fortunate in his community.

He was deeply committed to fighting discrimination and always tried to help African-American communities as best he could.

Remembering this fact is crucial as racism still runs strong within our society and must be combatted as much as possible. Therefore, to help eradicate any possible instances of racism, it’s vital that we work tirelessly against any such activities that take place and make sure nobody engages in discriminatory behaviours.

Sometime back, rumors circulated that Elvis made an offensive racial comment at one of his Boston shows, which was reported in Sepia magazine. It was speculated that he said something along the lines of: ‘I don’t sound like a white man.”

However, this rumor was disproved during an interview for JET magazine; JET found out that it was entirely false! This proves that Elvis Presley was truly committed to integration.

Importantly, he also succeeded in breaking racial barriers by singing music of all races, classes and categories from his high-class roots down to those from lower socio-economic statuses – an achievement which will never be forgotten in American music’s history.

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