Elliot Rocket Ships

Rocket Ships – Elliott and E.T.

Eliot is nine years old and has dreams of visiting space. He doesn’t need special training or special transportation, but he does have some help from his parents. Their treehouse in the Seattle area is perfect for his project. The mom of the little boy also fashioned a spacesuit for him, so that he could pretend to be an astronaut.

As the film progresses, the scientists set up a lab at their home, and interview the family. Once they have found E.T., the mental connection between Elliott and E.T. is severed. When the doctors try to revive him, Elliott screams at them for killing him. Michael, meanwhile, discovers a dying chrysanthemum. The scientists then release Elliott and E.T. to their families.

Elliott’s mother and father are also curious about the alien. Elliott tries to entice him by leaving a trail of candy behind. Then, he pretends to be sick and stays at home with the alien. However, he is unaware that the alien is being tracked by government agents.

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