Earvin Odom

Gainesville Police Find Shooter in Death of Earvin Odom

Officers from Gainesville responded to the NW 23rd Ter, 5800 block. Yesterday, Earvin Odom was found with a gunshot wound. The shooting took place while several people were around him. Odom was rushed to a local hospital, but he passed away a short time later. Odom was known to have a long-running feud with the neighborhood’s residents, and the shooter fled the scene after firing the fatal shot.

Gainesville police on Wednesday identified the suspect in the fatal shooting. Cornelius Brister was found with a stolen firearm and was suspected of shooting and killing Odom. Brister was wanted on felony charges including homicide, firearm possession by felon and murder. He has been arrested, but the investigation is ongoing. A motive for the shooting is still unknown. An individual with a criminal record may be hiding in an abandoned home.

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