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Drake’s More Life Album Review

If you’re a Drake fan, it’s no secret that the Toronto rapper has been working on his latest album. He’s been putting in a lot of work, and the results are finally out: More Life is now available for streaming on all major music services, including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Prime Video. It’s the first of many new albums to come from Drake.

This is a very good thing for Drizzy, because it means that the world will be able to hear more of his voice. The songs that are most memorable from Views, such as “Hold On,” “We’re Going Home,” and “U With Me,” all feature his soft, melodic voice.

There are also some softer, more intimate tracks on More Life, like the Rihanna-featuring “Too Good,” which is arguably the best song on the record. It’s not a song that you can listen to and just take in on a surface level, but it is very easy to get lost in.

Unlike his previous albums, which were usually a mix of pop-rap and R&B, More Life feels distinctly rap-less on most songs. Rather than working with producers or bringing in more emcees, he’s mostly drawn collaborators from the dance-pop landscape — and it works quite well.

The problem is that there’s not enough to keep the album from being a bit dull. There aren’t any huge hits here, and most of the album is long and atmospheric, which is fine for a DJ to play in a club, but it doesn’t make for much of a listening experience if you’re trying to pick up a hit song.

That’s why More Life feels like a playlist instead of a full-fledged album. Whether or not it was intentional, this is a pretty interesting decision by Drizzy, who has never really been one for labeling his work as “albums.”

A lot of people have made the case that Drake shouldn’t have released his latest album, More Life, at this point in his career. After all, nine months ago, he dropped Certified Lover Boy, a blockbuster that did insane first-week numbers and set the standard for how high his profile could soar.

But at the same time, it’s clear that More Life wasn’t what he wanted to make, and that’s why it doesn’t live up to the expectations of his fans. It doesn’t feel as fresh as the slickest, most innovative releases that he’s produced, and it certainly doesn’t feel as thought-provoking or creatively adventurous as some of his other masterpieces.

What’s more, the release doesn’t even contain any of the songs from his last LP, so the label makes it sound like it’s just a collection of some of his finest music. That might be an attempt to avoid the sort of backlash that came with CLB, but it doesn’t make sense for the record as a whole.

More Life is a great collection of music that’s incredibly difficult to put into words, but it isn’t one of the most important releases of the year. Hopefully, the next time Drake drops an album, it will be something that can stand up to the scrutiny of the music community and his critics alike.

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