Dr Allen Flood Death

Kentucky Flood Death Toll: 624

In a recent news release, the Kentucky State Police stated that they have rescued 624 individuals and counting from the floodwaters. As of Friday, the toll was at least a dozen, with most of the fatalities being a result of flooding in Knott and Boyd counties. A handful of other counties have reported fatalities as well, such as Cumberland, Franklin, and Oldham counties.

The biggest bugaboo is that many of the victims were children. In addition to the state of Kentucky, many of the victims were located in Tennessee and West Virginia, where the water levels were at least as high as that of Kentucky’s. With the aforementioned floodwaters causing widespread property damage, the state’s insurance companies have stepped in to offer some protection for those whose homes are insured. The State of Maryland has also provided some oomph, with the state’s insurance carrier, Delta Air Lines, offering a one-time payment to victims of floods. Several other insurers have followed suit, including the state’s biggest insurer, the American Family Insurance, which has offered some semblance of assistance.

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