Dorit Kemsley Found Garcelle Beauvais New Husband

RHOBH Co-Stars Aren’t Sure About Dorit Kemsley Finding Garcelle Beauvais a New Husband

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has returned for another season and as expected, drama is at an all-time high. Last season Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff attempted to balance friendships while keeping up with family life and business ventures.

No matter your opinion of the show, keeping up with its drama can be hard! But we are here to keep you up-to-date with the latest updates.

Dorit Kemsley Is Unsure of Finding Garcelle Beauvais a Partner

This week on RHOBH, Dorit and Garcelle got into an awkward exchange over perceived slights from Dorit after Garcelle called out Dorit for his behavior on the show.

However, despite initial disagreements between them, the two ladies eventually came to an understanding and even devised a plan together for moving together!

Are You Wondering If There Is a Potential Marriage Between these Women? View This Sneak Peek to Gain Perspective

Dorit attempts to pair Don, an old flame from her past, with one of her co-stars; however, some of them remain skeptical that their romance is genuine.

Kyle and Sutton believe their relationship has become tenuous since the end of last season.

Not helping matters is that both Sutton and Kyle have potential romantic partners already; Sutton’s husband Kyle has also expressed interest in finding someone new.

What gives? A RHOBH star may have met her future spouse at a party and has since been seeing him for one year – even having visited their home!

However, Sutton was accused of sexual assault by her former spouse; should she begin dating another man on the show, she may need to prove her innocence before their other participants and it could prove difficult.

As well as any issues between co-stars, women also struggle with miscommunication between each other – so it’s vital for them to have strong support systems within the cast.

Dorit has the support of her entire team to guide her through this difficult period, including Kathy Hilton and Teddi Mellencamp who both sent out messages of their solidarity.

Furthermore, the ladies don’t hesitate to voice their displeasure with Dorit’s tenuous relationships with others – including her recent public backlash following comments she made about Garcelle’s son.

What exactly is going on here? At this stage it remains uncertain whether she will be removed from the show, however many fans on social media have shown their support for her.

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