Dj Soda Before Plastic Surgery

DJ Soda Before Plastic Surgery

DJ Soda Before Plastic Surgery

South Korean beauty DJ Soda has been rumored to have undergone rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery. She’s been seen in many before-and-after photos that showcase her new looks.

She has earned critical acclaim for her abilities, performing at numerous events and festivals worldwide. Her latest single “Stay Sweet” has become a hit in the club scene.

DJ Soda is an incredibly talented and skilled DJ, her mixes and mashups renowned for their high-octane energy. Her music has also gained international traction in Asia where she has headlined some of the region’s biggest festivals.

She has produced music for brands like Nike, New Balance and Beats by Dre as well as Mac, Chanel and Dior; however, her focus is on creating a full-length album of her own work.

Soda’s passion for hip-hop culture is evident as she is an avid sneakerhead and collects gear from all genres she listens to, whether that be boom bap, trap or EDM.

She began her career by mastering vinyl before amassing an impressive collection of hip-hop 12-inch discs that she spins live, complete with precision cutting and scratching skills. Additionally, she is an incredibly accomplished performer, adept at switching up genres from boom bap to trap music to EDM to hard dubstep seamlessly.

The charismatic DJ is also an accomplished fashionista, having secured brand partnerships and modeling gigs for DIOR, GUESS, K-Swiss and more. Her social media accounts are constantly abuzz with news about her career developments.

Her latest venture sees her team up with two renowned DJs, Hard Lights and Flaremode for the NFT-fueled label Purple Fly. The resultant single, “Closer To The Sun,” is an immersive track that evokes sunset cocktails and dancing by the beach on warm summer nights.

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