Dj Khaled Sister Shoe Store

DJ Khaled’s Sister Shoe Store Opens in Miami

DJ Khaled has long been recognized as a musical nexus whose anthemic hits have made headlines across genres and eras. A producer and media mogul, he works tirelessly on new albums, fashion lines, sneaker stores and his sneaker store – always keeping busy! Now the “I’m the boss” rapper and businessman is giving fans the chance to walk a mile in his shoes: with Airbnb providing two one-night stays at his Miami home featuring outdoor lounge spaces, pool access and even recreated versions of his legendary shoe closet!

On Dec. 5 and 6, Airbnb Experience will launch, offering two one-night stays for $11 per night — reflecting Khaled’s sneaker size! Stays will include his We The Best Air Jordan 5 sneakers, an exclusive We The Best tee shirt and private shopping sessions at Miami sneaker stores; additionally you’ll have access to catered meals from his restaurant The Licking.

Khaled offers his guests a tour of his impressive sneaker collection, which boasts some rarer pairs. Through video, the hitmaker walks them through each compartment and drawer of his footwear sanctuary while explaining each pair’s significance.

Fan of music mogul and sneaker collector David Foster? Check out this must-watch video! You can watch it below.

Khaled isn’t the only celebrity with their own sneaker store: rapper “I’m the boss” has joined forces with sneaker retailer Snipes to open one in Miami. The store will feature Snipes-branded merchandise and features such as VIP section for celebrities or special guests as well as an area for local designers to show their work.

The store will also serve as the official launch point for Snipes’ Another One III sneakers, inspired by Khaled’s slogan and set to arrive on February 23. The limited-edition kicks will make their debut.

Khaled has many business ventures under his belt in addition to owning his own branded stores, such as We The Best creator. Most recently he signed an exclusive partnership with Def Jam Recordings as global creative consultant – overseeing his own label We The Best as well as projects with artists like Drake and Kanye West.

Khaled hasn’t let his busy lifestyle prevent him from prioritizing family time; as the proud papa of two children named Asahd and Aalam. Often posting Instagram photos of his children — most recently one showing Aalam smiling with both parents — he also frequently posts updates of the Khaled clan here.

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