Diy Red Hood Costume

DIY Red Riding Hood Costume – For Kids

Little Red Riding Hood is an iconic character from fairy tales and she makes for a fantastic Halloween costume! Dress up your child or yourself as this timeless character to bring some magic into your look!

DIY Red Riding Hood Costume for Kids

Have your little girl already wearing a red dress? No sewing required! All that’s left for you to do is grab some materials – like the dress, basket and cape – and voila! A quick DIY costume in no time.

For this DIY costume, you’ll need one yard of red jersey fabric. Fold it in half and iron on a piece of iron hem tape (Images 1 & 2). When you’ve finished hemming, weave some red ribbon through the holes to separate the hood from the cape and secure it in place.

Accessories for this costume:

To finish off your Red Hood ensemble, you’ll need a mask, red hood and chest piece. You can purchase one on Etsy or make your own using paper patterns and fabric paint.

You’ll also need a pair of shin guards and gun holster for the top of your pants. Lefties need an arm holster on their left leg; righties can make do with a pistol prop.

Tactical Pants and Gloves: For the bottom half of your ensemble, you’ll need a set of tactical pants and gloves that will protect both hands and wrists during combat. Complete it off with some leather boots to complete the look like Red Hood!

Another essential part of this costume is a picnic basket to transport goodies to Grandma’s house! You can use either a lightweight basket or an old easter basket, just make sure it’s lightweight and easy to carry. These can usually be found at thrift stores or by asking someone you know if they have one in good condition.

A basket is not only a useful accessory for this costume; it also adds an eye-catching element that will help you stand out in a crowd! Not only is this costume ideal for Bookweek, but you could also wear it alone on Halloween! If you don’t already own one, making one from fabric or plastic is easy enough!

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