Diy Moana Family Costumes

DIY Moana Family Costumes

If you’re in search of an easy yet memorable Halloween costume this year, why not create your own DIY Moana family costume? Not only can it get kids involved with their favorite movie but there are countless incredible options online to choose from as well!

These costumes can be easily constructed using items you already own, making them great choices for kids looking to dress up at family movie night or an interactive Halloween event!

Moana is a Polynesian princess who dreams of following in the footsteps of her ancestors as master wayfinders. On a quest to locate demigod Maui and protect her people, Moana embarks upon an incredible adventure to find him and save their civilization.

She comes to embrace her true self and discover the strength within.

Moana provides some valuable lessons about life, love, and working together with family members to overcome challenges – making this movie enjoyable for children as well as adults alike! It is sure to become an instant classic!

Moana, played by Aulii Cravalho in the movie, is an outgoing Polynesian woman accompanied on her journey by her family and friends.

Tui and Sina are highly protective of her, sharing an unbreakable bond. Tala and Te Fiti also play an instrumental role in her life.

She is an adventurous young lady and enjoys exploring the world. Additionally, she is kind and strives to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and happiness.

To create the Moana costume, you’ll need the following materials and components: A white T-shirt for your child (or adult), blue leggings or shorts, and skirt, along with additional pieces such as headband and shell necklace.

Your child will require a long black or dark brown wig in order to become Moana, and should cover their entire head.

Add some eyelashes to the wig to give it more of an authentic appearance! White makeup brushes will come in handy to apply the lashes.

An effective hair gel will keep lashes in place and create the illusion of fuller lashes, as well as improve their thickness. A brush with soft-tipped bristles may be ideal.

To complete your costume, additional pieces may be needed, including a red hat and matching red comb. To create the latter, cut two squares of red felt and glue them together before stuffing the comb in the top of your hat for an authentic look.

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