Did Clea Shearer Get Plastic Surgery

Did Clea Shearer Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Clea Shearer Get Plastic Surgery?

Clea Shearer is the co-founder of The Home Edit with her friend Joanna Teplin. Together they’ve built a business and brand around organizing spaces into beautiful, functional spaces.

They have also released a book, created a product line of their own design and launched a Netflix series. Their work has caught the attention of several celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon.

Shearer and Teplin have become HGTV viewers’ go-tos. Their show, Get Organized with The Home Edit, has been an instant hit since its premiere on the streaming service in April 2022.

The show has seen immense success due to its vibrant aesthetic and creative approach to decluttering, organizing, and creating stunning spaces. Notable celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson have sought out help with their spaces as well.

Their show has provided viewers with a rare insight into the personal lives of these two organizers as they manage their growing business, motherhood and more. The new season of their show includes more emotional makeovers and bigger organizational initiatives than before but the pair still manages to keep it hilarious throughout it all.

Shearer and Teplin are best friends and co-stars on the show. They reside in Nashville and have two kids together.

They founded The Home Edit in 2015, which has since grown into a thriving business. They’ve collaborated with numerous celebrities and published how-to books. Furthermore, their social media following is growing rapidly – they boast nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram alone!

On a trip to New York City with Shearer and Teplin to film for their show, Shearer noticed two small lumps in her breasts. On Thursday afternoon, Shearer revealed this news to PEOPLE magazine and revealed that she is facing cancer – diagnosed as invasive mammary carcinoma.

Shearer reports her family has no history of this type of cancer, which typically develops in women before they reach 40 years old. Despite this fact, Shearer remains undetected with the illness.

Her diagnosis came as a complete surprise to her and her family, yet she and her friends have remained determined. Shearer and Teplin even shared their stories on their Instagram Stories to give themselves hope that they are not alone in this battle.

Shearer and Teplin were able to conquer their cancers together, and are thankful for this chance at a brighter future.

In addition to their successful business ventures, The Home Edit also features a breathtaking carousel in honor of their wedding day. It serves as an impressive testament to their devotion and admiration for one another.

The carousel is an amazing way for couples to express their affection and create an area that looks stunning.

Shearer and Teplin are accomplished artists with an eye for creating stunning works of art. They enjoy sharing their creations with the world in hopes that it will serve to motivate others.

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