Debra Gravano Sammy Gravano Wife

Debra Gravano – Sammy Gravano’s Ex-Wife

Although many people don’t know it, Debra Gravano was Sammy Gravano’s ex-wife. During the 1990s, she worked as a personal assistant for Sammy and moved into his home in Tempe, Arizona. Sammy was also enrolled in a federal witness protection program. In the latter part of 2000, Sammy allegedly got involved in the criminal activities of her family, leading to nearly forty arrests.

Debra Gravano was the daughter of Brooklyn’s Italian immigrants. She grew up in Bensonhurst and married Sammy Gravano in 1971. They had two children together. Nicholas, Nicholas’ brother, died in 1978. In the meantime, Sammy Gravano married Debra Scibetta. Debra Gravano was forced to deal with the consequences of her decision before they could have a family.

Gambino’s family was notoriously brutal and feared. Sammy Gravano was the “Bull” of the crime-family. Gravano and their wife, Sammy Gravano, were married almost two decades. They had two children. Sadly, Sammy Gravano’s brother was murdered in 1978, and his wife was accused of lying to the FBI and the media.

After 25 years of marriage, Sammy and Debra Gravano divorced in 1996. Although they are still close, Sammy Gravano and Debra have a daughter, Karen. Karen is now a television personality. In the following years, Sammy and Debra filed for divorce. They later reconciled but separated again in 1996. It’s not clear when Sammy and Debra will reunite.

Debra Gravano is not open about her private life. She chose to concentrate on her blood family. Her husband, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, was once second in command of the Gambino crime family and committed at least 19 crimes. Later, he began to reform his criminal ways and opened his own restaurant. He has several grandchildren and children. It’s not surprising that Debra Gravano is keeping his family close to her heart.

Gravano is a member of an ecstasy ring. Her husband was arrested in 2000 on charges of drug trafficking. Gravano was in prison for over a decade before the ecstasy ring became a huge success in New York. Gravano was sentenced in New York to 20 years imprisonment by the National Geographic Channel. She was released from jail on September 18, 2017.

Gravano was an active member of the Colombo and Brooklyn Gambino crime families. Gravano was a member of the mafia gang that killed Paul Castellano in 1985. Joe Colombo was his associate because of his involvement in the crime family. They both worked together as a bodyguard and gangster. However, Gravano was sentenced to twenty years in prison in New York.

Sammy and Debra had a long history fighting. They divorced in 1987. Sammy was involved in several affairs and his wife was not charged with any crime. She was married to Sammy, who was a powerful mobster. Sammy was also married to Karen, a former prostitute. Gerard, their son, was the only other person in the scandal. They lived on State Island for many years.

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