Crazy Middles Net Worth

Crazy Middles Net Worth

Addison Wallace is a twelve-year-old YouTube sensation. She is one of 22 Wallace children. She is a cousin to Cody Wallace, Weston Wallace, and Lacey Wallace. She and her family run a YouTube channel called CRAZY MIDDLES where they document their life as a large family.

Harlan Wallace

Harlan Wallace’s crazy middles YouTube channel is an online sensation that’s making him very rich. He’s made over $183k since August 2020, and is currently living a healthy life with his family. Wallace was born in the United States on April 20, 2004. His parents are Landon and Kylie Wallace.

The Wallace family has six children, including three biological children and two adopted ones. The family has several profiles on various social media platforms and has thousands of followers. They also have a YouTube channel under the pseudonym CRAZY MIDDLES. The Wallace family makes about $183k from the videos they post on the channel, which is one of their primary sources of income.

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