Cold Justice Mother Daughter Tragedy Update

Cold Justice Mother Daughter Tragedies Update

Cold Justice presents another episode with a mother/daughter tragedy at its core. Criminal prosecutor Kelly Siegler and crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary from Cold Justice investigate old cases across small towns nationwide with one goal in mind – convicting those guilty while providing victims some sense of closure.

Kelly and Yolanda travel to Fort Wayne, Indiana this week where they conduct an investigation into the 1993 murders of a 29-year-old mother and her six-year-old daughter. Although their investigation unearths potential suspects and leads, its exact mechanism of murder remains elusive.

Natasha Atchley was found strangled to death at her home in 1992 and this episode focuses on her case, with some intriguing clues including accelerant evidence in her car and fire starting in its front passenger area – perhaps suggesting an altercation took place there during which the victim may have been present? Forensic pathologist Kathryn Pinneri says this may indicate some form of involvement from Atchley herself during an altercation or some type of altercation took place nearby.

This week, the Cold Justice team travels back to Florida in order to revisit the 2007 murder of Tyvon Whitford, who was shot and later died at an area hospital with her unborn child. As they investigate further into her tight-knit community they uncover inconsistencies with Tyvon’s account of what transpired prior to her death.

Cold Justice team travels to Wyoming in order to collaborate with Carbon County law enforcement on two cases connected by mutual friends who died mysteriously over several years, yet remain unexplained. Can they solve these cases and prevent any further untimely deaths?

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