Citrus County Airboat Alliance

Homosassa, Florida – Home to the Citrus County Airboat Alliance

Florida is famous for its beaches, sun and sand; but this state offers so much more! Small towns tucked away in corners of Florida offer hidden treasures; Homosassa in particular has delighted visitors with its charm and natural beauty – its mangrove-surrounded natural area provides visitors an opportunity to view endangered species as well as offering pedestrian-friendly downtown center anchored by historic county courthouse which features charming shops, restaurants and even an historic theater!

Homosassa, Florida lies centrally within Florida. Just an hour’s drive from Tampa and 90 miles northwest of Orlando, this city offers many activities to keep visitors occupied – one being seeing manatees in their natural environment!

Citrus County Airboat Alliance was established in 2007 as a civic group to foster environmental stewardship and airboat safety; with over 500 members now participating in recreational airboat activities.

Although this group has accomplished much good, they continue to experience issues due to airboat noise affecting residential areas in the county. Airboats produce considerable noise as their engines can reach up to 2,000 horsepower; and while education efforts were undertaken by this group, not everyone took them seriously.

When it comes to reducing airboat noise, everyone has their own ideas on how to address the problem. Although city council has made attempts at finding solutions that might reduce noise pollution but nothing has worked thus far; residents still remain hopeful that something will work soon enough.

Hernando, located north of Homosassa, residents are frequently affected by airboat noise in the summer months. While airboating is a tradition in Hernando, its noise has become an ongoing nuisance to its residents and an issue for the area as a whole. One potential solution may lie with The Fair Consideration Act which seeks to limit airboat noise; should good people such as Ron Bailey take on this bill it could spark positive change for residents living there.

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