Chris Paul Vs Kyrie Irving

Chris Paul Vs Kyrie Irving

Chris Manning of RDE co-editor has just published an NBA point guard list, ranking its Top 10. Today he explores Cavalier Kyrie Irving against some of its elite floor generals; today he focuses on Chris Paul, who led both lists.

Paul holds several advantages over Irving, chief among them longevity and consistency. Paul will enter his 16th season in the league this season and remains an irreplaceable leader for a Los Angeles Clippers squad that boasts plenty of young talent over time.

Paul remains one of the league’s premier shooters from both beyond and within the arc, possessing incredible range from both midrange and beyond. With superior speed, strength and craftiness he dominates at the basket with ease. Additionally, Paul ranks near the top in assists per game regularly while motivating teammates on defense with ease.

Irving is no slouch at his position either and boasts a unique skill set few players in NBA history have been able to match. While Paul excelled on both ends of the court, Irving stood out with his flashiness that won him fans across all demographics – smooth finisher and capable perimeter shooter while possessing one-on-one clutch abilities unmatched in any league player today.

Paul and Irving both demonstrate leadership, but Paul has more experience. Paul has led his young Clippers locker room to two playoff appearances this year under his direction, commanding respect across the league with his serious demeanor even when this clashes with teammates like Blake Griffin.

It would be an enormous coup if the Lakers could acquire Paul during this offseason; his arrival would immediately transform their team into a serious contender. Paul could help alleviate LeBron’s workload on offense while providing stability to Russell Westbrook in the backcourt. Additionally, these two have been close since high school days so it would be great for them both to reunite in Los Angeles next season.

Of course, if the Mavericks opt to keep Irving this summer, it would make negotiations between Irving and Lakers challenging. Even so, Paul remains one of the premier point guards in the league and would make an ideal addition for future success of Lakers franchise.

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