Chicago Shootout Caught On Camera

Chicago Shootout Caught on Camera

Chicago is one of the nation’s most crime-ridden cities, so police are trying to put cameras on the street. Some cameras have even caught some of Chicago’s worst crimes – such as a gang shooting that was caught on film.

Video released Sunday morning depicts a shooting that left two dead and three wounded at a Chicago lounge. It also shows the gunman taking aim from outside his car before picking out his victims and opening fire at point-blank range.

A violent gang killing spree has occurred in Portage Park, Illinois. On Monday a man was arrested after running from police and charged with the fatal weekend attack that claimed three lives.

Samuel Parsons-Salas was caught on camera grabbing a gun from a car and then taking aim at his victims, according to Chicago Police Supt. David Brown. He had allegedly been attending a party celebrating the 25th birthday of a woman when the violence erupted, according to Brown.

He took possession of the gun after being asked to leave and began shooting, repeatedly opening fire when confronted outside. According to Brown, the victim was a woman who was “fighting for her life” when he shot her in the head.

However, the shooter returned and shot her again, police reported. She was a mother of three and cousin Ricardo Douglas told CBS 2 he was shocked to see the video when it was released on Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors are investigating the crime because the gunman used a “Glock switch,” making his weapon automatic with just one pull of the trigger, according to authorities. He had previously been convicted on a felony gun charge and was prohibited from owning any guns, according to authorities.

Being a felon and trying to acquire a firearm can be quite the task, and without either an FONID card or Concealed Carry License you could potentially face serious criminal charges. That was the explanation given by CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller earlier this week when asked why this might be the case for some.

It’s not the first time law enforcement has taken action against someone using a “Glock switch” to conceal their weapon ownership. In several of these cases, federal agents are involved – sending an important message to other criminals: don’t try to hide behind a “Glock switch” to get away with your crimes.

It has been an unsettling start to the year, with 27 children being shot in Chicago since January 1, 2023 – three fatally. It serves as a reminder that violence remains an ever-present danger in our city.

Following the shooting, residents in Fulton Market area are calling for 200 more police cameras in their neighborhood. Doing so would allow police to better track gunman activity and make neighborhoods safer, they said.

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