Cathy Sturdivant Billy Beane

Cathy Sturdivant – Ex-Wife of Billy Beane

Cathy Sturdivant, an American businesswoman and model, is a. She met Billy Sturdivant when she was still in school and they later married in February 1986. The couple has a daughter, Casey Beane, who is a manager in the investment department of Citadel LLC Chicago. Her daughter is close to Tara and the twins. Sturdivant is also an avid tennis player.

Before marrying Billy Beane in 2005, Cathy Sturdivant lived a private life. She studied at the University of California and played tennis on the college team. She was a three-time All-American. In 1986, she married Billy Beane in San Diego, California, and the two eventually separated. Cathy Sturdivant is single and has no other relationships. Her current address is not public. The former tennis player was born in 1962 and is currently 58 years old.

While studying at local Southern California institutions, Cathy Sturdivant began competing in tennis competitions. She won a few of these competitions. After a long and successful career in baseball, she decided to retire from tennis. Despite her tennis career, Cathy Sturdivant and Billy Beane had a great relationship. They were married for three consecutive years before they separated. She has also been active in the media, appearing on television shows like 30 for 30, and Nova.

Cathy Sturdivant, the ex-wife Billy Beane’s front-office executive at the Boston Red Sox, is Cathy Sturdivant. They were married in 1970. Cathy is currently employed by Citadel LLC in Chicago. She is a businesswoman and a sports analyst, but also a mother to three children. They met as children in San Diego, and they were married in February 1986.

The two children of Billy Beane, Cathy Sturdivant, have a close relationship. Their friendship started when they were teenagers and grew into a love affair. Billy Beane’s exwife Cathy Sturdivant, had a daughter, Casey. After the divorce, Billy and Tara became closer, and eventually, fell in love. The relationship between them is a tale of two lovebirds.

Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant married in 1999. They have two children, Tinsley and Casey. Billy and Cathy have been friends since they were young, and Billy and Cathy’s daughter attended the same high school. They currently live in Oakland, California, where Billy Beane started his professional career. Billy Beane puts his family’s interests before his career. He has even turned down lucrative jobs to be closer to his family.

While Billy Beane is estimated to have a net worth of $14million, Cathy’s networth is unknown. Her mother is a former tennis player, and her father is an executive in baseball. Cathy Beane and Billy Sturdivant are the minority owners of the Oakland Athletics. Their children are twins. In addition to Casey and Tara, Billy and Cathy are parents of two other children, Tinsley and Brayden.

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